Privacy Policy

Name of the service KENET Open Access Repository
Description of the service The KENET Open Access Data Repository (OADR) is a Digital Asset Management System (DAMS) that takes care of the management of digital assets like spreadsheets, photographs, audio files, video files, representations of artwork, diagrams, satellite images and charts among others. Research data are increasingly created in digital form, repositories provide the means for collecting the data that underpin peer-reviewed articles. More and more research funders are requiring their grant-holders to make their data Open Access, once they have analyzed and published their findings from the data.
Data controller and contacts Kenya Education Network Trust (KENET
Research Services,
Jurisdiction KENET, Kenya
Personal data processed Following data is retrieved from your Home Organisation:
- e-mail address
Purpose of the processing of personal data Personal data are used to identify the author of documents and data made available through the portal. Log files containing personal data are maintained, for traceability reasons, for a limited period of time (at least 1 month)
Third parties to whom personal data is disclosed none
How to access, rectify and delete the personal data Write to the contact address above to rectify the data released by your Home Organisation, contact your Home Organisation's IT helpdesk.
Data retention Personal data is deleted on request of the user
Data Protection Code of Conduct Your personal data will be protected according to the Code of Conduct for Service Providers, a common standard for the research and higher education sector to protect your privacy.